Roundtable 4

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Wednesday 11th May 2022 – 10:30

Roundtable 4

Topic: Creating a Safe Driving Culture Hosted by: Applied Driving Techniques

Overview: Driving at work is the greatest risk your people undertake every day, but it’s also one of the most commonly overlooked risks. While most organizations have an established safety culture it often lacks direction when it comes to driving. This roundtable discussion will provide experienced insight so you can confidently implement a safe driving culture fit for your business. Critical to the success of any safety culture is obtaining stakeholder buy-in at all levels. From drivers to CEO, the session will provide strategies to help you secure buy-in from the ground up.

Your newly defined culture must be adopted globally, whether that’s across lines of business or international regions. The session reviews the benefits of a global minimum standard and how to identify where it’s best to accept flexibility.
Now you have implemented your driver safety culture, how do you maintain it and ensure it remains fit for purpose? Travel is rapidly evolving with Mobility as a Service becoming increasingly mainstream. We’ll look at how continual development can secure your business sustained results.

Hosted in partnership, the roundtable includes a live customer experience of designing, implementing, and improving their driver safety culture, and the impact this continues to have on their business.

Key take-aways:

  1. How to develop a driver safety culture

  2. How to secure stakeholder buy-in

  3. How to obtain consistency while accepting the need for flexibility

10th & 11th May 2022

The Whitehall, Houston, Texas, United States