Roundtable 3

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Wednesday 11th May 2022 – 10:30

Roundtable 3

Topic: Future Proof Your Business: Connecting EHS & ESG

Hosted by: Eco Online

Overview: Join Colin Ball, Sales Director at EcoOnline and Ron Huijsman, Rice University Sustainability Development and EHS Reporting lecturer & co-founder of Huco Consulting in this roundtable discussion on how to merge EHS and ESG to future proof your business.

As sustainability leaps forward in our business strategies, environmental, health, and safety (EHS) teams are left with yet another reporting factor.

And with hundreds of formal and informal sustainability reporting standards and frameworks in the market, businesses can run the risk of missing the point and falling into a “reporting anarchy” trap.

The good news is that ESG reporting doesn’t necessarily mean more to do.

Learn and discuss the links between different areas of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting and discover the many similarities between EHS and ESG. Go beyond traditional environmental impact focuses like a net-zero carbon goal, and learn how to include recent post-pandemic shifts in the EHS and the ESG landscape towards people and social issue management.

Key take-aways:

1. Connect the dots between EHS & ESG
2. Include factors such as employee safety policies, risk

management, employee engagement, and training when

evaluating the “social” component for your company’s ESG score

3. Establish a stronger connection between your existing EHS efforts

and a future focus on ESG reporting

10th & 11th May 2022

The Whitehall, Houston, Texas, United States