Roundtable 1

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Tuesday 10th May 2022 – 10:30

Roundtable 1

Topic: Do hard hats give sufficient protection?

Hosted by: MIPS – Safety For Helmets

Overview: Mips understands that head protection probably has one of the highest wearer compliance rates out of all PPE products. However, despite high compliance and usage rates, there still remains some key unmet needs, offering scope for improvement. Whilst compliance is high, the knowledge of the correct products by application is still low, and without adequate training and education, we risk making key specification adjustments. This is evidenced through continuous research which highlights that head protection is at risk of commoditising. The phrase “a hard hat is just a hard hat” is used way too often, demonstrating that companies often default to the lowest cost solution, so long as it meets the standard not understanding that the standard is the minimum level of protection.
This roundtable event has been set up for participants to explore and understand the different levels of protection that hard hats can give the wearer and to further their knowledge of head protection standards. The event also explores head injuries and their possible mitigation by looking at some real risks that’s wearers of head protection face on a daily basis. This event hopes to contribute to a world of safer helmets and a better understanding of what protection means.

Key Take Away’s

1: A better understanding of head protection

2: A better understanding of additional helmet technologies

3: That not all head protection is equal

10th & 11th May 2022

The Whitehall, Houston, Texas, United States